We make softwares, that enrich Human Experience.

Hey stranger, would you like to hear our story?

In winter of 2018 I had been doing some independent work and then I found some people who had the potential to be great and shared the same dream as me. To live a life of meaning and to contribute to the world and leave behind some stories of Inspiration.

We started our company from one of our friends house, who lend it to us just out of friendship and we spent few months living there rent free and doing our job and using his system. I guess that is how great stories begin, from Friendship.

Days went by and we started learning new things everyday. We started getting attention. Time felt right and on May 2019 we incorporated and opened our First Office in Mumbai.

Our Vision

To make easier for start ups to start , sustain and grow their business. We hope to contribute in increasing the percentage of successful business in coming decades.

Our Mission

We wake up every day to bridge the gap between technology, business and people with our collective efforts.


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